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High Speed Versus Low Speed Handpieces

Monday, April 10th, 2017

There’s many different types of tools that you need at your dental practice, but there’s non more important than your dental handpiece. Understanding the different types of handpieces and the parts that are involved in maintaining them.

High Speed Handpieces

High speed handpieces are also known as drills in the dental world. This tool is a power-driven tool that has speeds of 400,000 rpm and up. The drill is of course used to drill holes for fillings and assist in other types of dental work like polishing dental trays for dentures.

Many manufacturers use the same types of models, making dental handpiece repairs across brands and manufacturers an easier task.

Low Speed Handpieces

Low speed handpieces rotate at reduced speeds somewhere between 0 and 80,000 rpm, depending upon the make and model. These handpieces are equipped with a speed control ring, allowing you as the user to control the speed of the ring manually.

The type of repair that you need will depend on the type of handpiece that you have. Most dental offices use high speed handpieces more often than low speed, yet both are useful. You should expect to need your high speed handpiece maintained more often due to the wear and tear on the bearings. The type of maintenance that you perform on your handpiece will also depend on the intricate parts involved on each type of tool.

For the fastest, best quality electric handpiece repair, contact Arpino Dental today. We’ll have your handpiece back to you in better condition in no time!

The Advantages Of Different Kinds Of Dental Handpieces

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Your dental handpiece is the center of your dental practice. Speed and precision are two things that you should look for in a handpiece. The better your handpiece, the smoother the day-to-day operation of your dental practice will be. There’s many different kinds of handpieces. How do you select the one that’s right for your practice?

First, you’ll want to see what the workflow of your practice is, and how the handpiece functionality will fit into that rhythm. There’s two main types of handpieces: turbine and electric. Both give dentists and their patients exceptional results. The choice really has to do with your own team’s training, work style, and needs.

Traditional handpieces use an air-driven turbine to facilitate the rotators. These have a lighter weight and a skinny design, making them easy to work with. While turbine handpieces have many advantages, they can also cause higher levels of “noise” as the handpiece ages and the bearings wear down.

Electrical handpieces operate at both high and low speeds. This makes them versatile for all kinds of procedures. Instead of bearings, this handpiece has gears instead of bearings. These handpieces are quieter due to the fact that air is not flowing through them for power.

No matter what kind of handpiece that you have, you can depend on Arpino Dental to repair it for you. We have a fast turnaround time with all of our jobs. We even have access to replacement parts and refurbished dental handpieces. Contact us today to have all of your dental handpiece repair needs taken care of.

Methods For Electric Handpiece Repair

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Every dentist is dependent on the electric handpiece in order for the practice to run smoothly. Since it’s so versatile, the tool is also happens to be quite intricate. Proper maintenance allows the handpiece to keep running safely. The sterilization process is actually what has the greatest effect on the equipment itself, causing it to suffer wear and tear.

Since this tool is used repeatedly and is under a lot of stress from use, it’s susceptible to breaking more often. While your team can keep handpieces working well for longer periods of time through proper care, electric handpiece repair is always imminent at some point. It’s important that you choose the repair options that’s right for you and your dental office.

All Repairs Are Different

Electric handpiece repair doesn’t require a complete rebuilding of the tool each and every time. Most times, the parts that are causing the issues are inspected and replaced if needed. This makes our repair job much more affordable and quicker for you.

Arpino Dental has access to every different kind of part that we know would be needed for proper electric handpiece repair. Once you send us your dental handpiece for maintenance and repair, you’ll know it’s in good hands. Sometimes, factory parts are required for a repair, other times, bearings of higher ratings can be used, depending on the state of the tool itself.

Each brand and variation of handpiece has a different number of bearings and gears. That’s why you need to send your most important tool to the right repair company to ensure a safe and effective repair. Arpino Dental services and repairs electric handpieces so that they are built to last.

How Often Should You Have Your Dental Handpiece Replaced

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

One question you may be asking as the owner of a dental practice is, “How often should I restore my dental handpiece?” To rebuild or restore a dental handpeice means that all parts of the handpiece need to be replaced and the unit needs to be rebuilt from scratch with new parts.

Signs The Handpiece Needs To Be Restored

The turbine wobbles

The bearing has gone bad

There’s a decrease in the performance of the handpiece

Usually, a complete rebuild is not warranted. Once the handpiece is inspected, it’s often found that only individual parts need to be replaced, rather than an entire rebuild of the handpiece.

Proper Maintenance Prevents Problems

The proper maintenance of a dental handpiece is very important. After each use, the handpiece should be inspected and maintained with lubrication. Without this proper care, expensive repairs on the handpiece may need to be performed. Not to mention that when the handpiece is out for repairs, you’ll be short one tool in your office.

When Should You Send It Out For Servicing?

The simple answer to this question is that it depends. If you have a handpiece that you use more often in your office, you’ll probably need to send it out for repairs slightly more frequently than the rest. When any of your dental handpieces stop running the way it usually does, you’ll want to send it out for repairs.

Arpino Dental is the place to send your dental handpiece for repairs, maintenance, and parts. You can trust our experience to get your handpiece back to your dental office quickly. Call us today, and we’ll take care of you!

Signs Your Dental Handpiece Needs Repair

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

Regular servicing of your dental handpiece is crucial to ensure a long and well-functioning operation of the tool. There are some tell tale signs that your handpiece needs more than routine servicing. We’ll explain the problems and their solutions below.

Excessive Vibration

If your dental handpiece is vibrating more than usual, it could be a sign that there’s a problem with the handpiece itself. The simple solution is that you may simply just need to flush the handpiece out with oil as directed by your manufacturer. Simple lubrication can work wonders for your handpiece. Alternatively, the bearings inside of the tool could be loose. This calls for a service appointment with Arpino Dental!

Reduced Revolution Speed

If you notice that your dental handpiece is turning slower than normal, there could be a problem with the motor. This could also be due to a lack of regular servicing of the dental handpiece on your part.

The Turbine

If there’s a problem with the turbine inside of the tool, you could also be looking at a problem with the motor on your dental handpiece. It may even be worth replacing your handpiece all together with a refurbished dental handpiece. This calls for a shipping out of the handpiece to our service center for further inspection.

Arpino Dental is here for all of your dental handpiece needs. From repair to replacement with refurbished dental handpieces, we have your dental office covered with experienced service and repair.

How To Properly Maintain Your Dental Handpiece

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

While every dental handpiece will need to be serviced at some point from time to time, it’s important to properly maintain your handpiece as you move through your day-to-day operations. Arpino Dental is here to service your handpiece any time that you need us, but in the meantime, here’s some tips to help you keep your handpiece in great condition.

Use Quality Lubricants Properly

Handpieces need regular application of lubricant in order to avoid quickly degrading. Before every sterilization a few drops should be placed on certain spots while the handpiece runs on a low speed. This will prevent the dental handpiece from being down for an extended period of time. Be sure that you choose a quality lubricant as well.

Sterilize The Handpieces Properly

Sterilization is a necessary part of the maintenance of your dental handpiece. This process also puts your handpiece under the most stress with wear and tear. Maximum temperatures in your autoclave shouldn’t reach more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This can help to preserve your handpiece just a bit longer in between the need for service.

Maintain Proper Air Pressure

Maintaining the right amount of air pressure in your in dental handpiece is one of the most important aspects of operating the dental handpiece. You should have a proper air pressure test gauge in your possession as well as a PSI chart to be sure that proper pressure is being delivered to the tool.

Be Sure You Have A Repair Place For Your Dental Handpiece On Speed Dial

Arpino Dental is the place that dentists around the globe trust for their dental handpiece repair and replacement. We have a quick turnaround time on all dental repair piece repairs. We also sell reliable refurbished dental handpieces at a great price and offer Free FedEx Pick-Up on 2 or more dental handpieces.
Call us today at (800)-874-1212 for your dental handpiece repair needs.

Dental Handpiece Repair & Replacement Company Announces Turbine Replacement Store

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Arpino Dental is a leading Dental Handpiece Repair & Replacement company with over 32 years and 3 generations of experience. Arpino Dental has now opened a new online store for dentists who want to install dental handpiece turbines themselves.

Brooklyn, NY. May 18, 2009 – Arpino Dental has been providing Dental Handpiece Repair and Replacement for over 32 years. Dentists from all over the United States regularly send in their handpieces for repair using Arpino Dental’s free Fedex in office pickup and deliver service.

“Most dental handpiece repairs and replacements are turned around within 3 days, no matter where someone lives within the United States.” Said Joe Arpino, Owner of Arpino Dental. ” We have 3 generations of experience and only use the best OEM parts in order to service the dental handpieces that come in.

Arpino Dental’s new online store allows dentists who want to install dental handpiece turbines themselves to quickly and efficiently order brand specific replacement turbines.

Arpino Dental Features:

  • – OEM quality parts
  • – Fast two-days handpiece repair turnaround!
  • – FREE pick-up & delivery (We pay for shipping!)
  • – Quality handpiece repair service
  • – Up to 6 months warranty
  • – 1 year warranty on ‘lube free’ turbines – Fast, computerized service
  • – Toll free number
  • – Same day handpiece repair service (upon request)
  • – Sales on New & Reconditioned Handpieces

Joe Arpino offers new hand piece repair clients with 10% off of their first order.

For more information, please visit

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Since 1976, Arpino Dental Handpiece Repair & Sales, Inc. delivers Quality Service to thousands of dentists nationwide. Located at 1358 83rd Street in Brooklyn, NY, Arpino Dental provides free pick-up anywhere in the United States. With over 32 years of first-class experience spanning 3 generations, Arpino Dental is proud to offer premium warranties on all of their products.

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