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The Advantages Of Different Kinds Of Dental Handpieces

Your dental handpiece is the center of your dental practice. Speed and precision are two things that you should look for in a handpiece. The better your handpiece, the smoother the day-to-day operation of your dental practice will be. There’s many different kinds of handpieces. How do you select the one that’s right for your practice?

First, you’ll want to see what the workflow of your practice is, and how the handpiece functionality will fit into that rhythm. There’s two main types of handpieces: turbine and electric. Both give dentists and their patients exceptional results. The choice really has to do with your own team’s training, work style, and needs.

Traditional handpieces use an air-driven turbine to facilitate the rotators. These have a lighter weight and a skinny design, making them easy to work with. While turbine handpieces have many advantages, they can also cause higher levels of “noise” as the handpiece ages and the bearings wear down.

Electrical handpieces operate at both high and low speeds. This makes them versatile for all kinds of procedures. Instead of bearings, this handpiece has gears instead of bearings. These handpieces are quieter due to the fact that air is not flowing through them for power.

No matter what kind of handpiece that you have, you can depend on Arpino Dental to repair it for you. We have a fast turnaround time with all of our jobs. We even have access to replacement parts and refurbished dental handpieces. Contact us today to have all of your dental handpiece repair needs taken care of.

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