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High Speed Versus Low Speed Handpieces

There’s many different types of tools that you need at your dental practice, but there’s non more important than your dental handpiece. Understanding the different types of handpieces and the parts that are involved in maintaining them.

High Speed Handpieces

High speed handpieces are also known as drills in the dental world. This tool is a power-driven tool that has speeds of 400,000 rpm and up. The drill is of course used to drill holes for fillings and assist in other types of dental work like polishing dental trays for dentures.

Many manufacturers use the same types of models, making dental handpiece repairs across brands and manufacturers an easier task.

Low Speed Handpieces

Low speed handpieces rotate at reduced speeds somewhere between 0 and 80,000 rpm, depending upon the make and model. These handpieces are equipped with a speed control ring, allowing you as the user to control the speed of the ring manually.

The type of repair that you need will depend on the type of handpiece that you have. Most dental offices use high speed handpieces more often than low speed, yet both are useful. You should expect to need your high speed handpiece maintained more often due to the wear and tear on the bearings. The type of maintenance that you perform on your handpiece will also depend on the intricate parts involved on each type of tool.

For the fastest, best quality electric handpiece repair, contact Arpino Dental today. We’ll have your handpiece back to you in better condition in no time!

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