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Methods For Electric Handpiece Repair

Every dentist is dependent on the electric handpiece in order for the practice to run smoothly. Since it’s so versatile, the tool is also happens to be quite intricate. Proper maintenance allows the handpiece to keep running safely. The sterilization process is actually what has the greatest effect on the equipment itself, causing it to suffer wear and tear.

Since this tool is used repeatedly and is under a lot of stress from use, it’s susceptible to breaking more often. While your team can keep handpieces working well for longer periods of time through proper care, electric handpiece repair is always imminent at some point. It’s important that you choose the repair options that’s right for you and your dental office.

All Repairs Are Different

Electric handpiece repair doesn’t require a complete rebuilding of the tool each and every time. Most times, the parts that are causing the issues are inspected and replaced if needed. This makes our repair job much more affordable and quicker for you.

Arpino Dental has access to every different kind of part that we know would be needed for proper electric handpiece repair. Once you send us your dental handpiece for maintenance and repair, you’ll know it’s in good hands. Sometimes, factory parts are required for a repair, other times, bearings of higher ratings can be used, depending on the state of the tool itself.

Each brand and variation of handpiece has a different number of bearings and gears. That’s why you need to send your most important tool to the right repair company to ensure a safe and effective repair. Arpino Dental services and repairs electric handpieces so that they are built to last.

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