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How Often Should You Have Your Dental Handpiece Replaced

One question you may be asking as the owner of a dental practice is, “How often should I restore my dental handpiece?” To rebuild or restore a dental handpeice means that all parts of the handpiece need to be replaced and the unit needs to be rebuilt from scratch with new parts.

Signs The Handpiece Needs To Be Restored

The turbine wobbles

The bearing has gone bad

There’s a decrease in the performance of the handpiece

Usually, a complete rebuild is not warranted. Once the handpiece is inspected, it’s often found that only individual parts need to be replaced, rather than an entire rebuild of the handpiece.

Proper Maintenance Prevents Problems

The proper maintenance of a dental handpiece is very important. After each use, the handpiece should be inspected and maintained with lubrication. Without this proper care, expensive repairs on the handpiece may need to be performed. Not to mention that when the handpiece is out for repairs, you’ll be short one tool in your office.

When Should You Send It Out For Servicing?

The simple answer to this question is that it depends. If you have a handpiece that you use more often in your office, you’ll probably need to send it out for repairs slightly more frequently than the rest. When any of your dental handpieces stop running the way it usually does, you’ll want to send it out for repairs.

Arpino Dental is the place to send your dental handpiece for repairs, maintenance, and parts. You can trust our experience to get your handpiece back to your dental office quickly. Call us today, and we’ll take care of you!

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