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How To Properly Maintain Your Dental Handpiece

While every dental handpiece will need to be serviced at some point from time to time, it’s important to properly maintain your handpiece as you move through your day-to-day operations. Arpino Dental is here to service your handpiece any time that you need us, but in the meantime, here’s some tips to help you keep your handpiece in great condition.

Use Quality Lubricants Properly

Handpieces need regular application of lubricant in order to avoid quickly degrading. Before every sterilization a few drops should be placed on certain spots while the handpiece runs on a low speed. This will prevent the dental handpiece from being down for an extended period of time. Be sure that you choose a quality lubricant as well.

Sterilize The Handpieces Properly

Sterilization is a necessary part of the maintenance of your dental handpiece. This process also puts your handpiece under the most stress with wear and tear. Maximum temperatures in your autoclave shouldn’t reach more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This can help to preserve your handpiece just a bit longer in between the need for service.

Maintain Proper Air Pressure

Maintaining the right amount of air pressure in your in dental handpiece is one of the most important aspects of operating the dental handpiece. You should have a proper air pressure test gauge in your possession as well as a PSI chart to be sure that proper pressure is being delivered to the tool.

Be Sure You Have A Repair Place For Your Dental Handpiece On Speed Dial

Arpino Dental is the place that dentists around the globe trust for their dental handpiece repair and replacement. We have a quick turnaround time on all dental repair piece repairs. We also sell reliable refurbished dental handpieces at a great price and offer Free FedEx Pick-Up on 2 or more dental handpieces.
Call us today at (800)-874-1212 for your dental handpiece repair needs.

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