Yes! We repair A-Dec / W&H® dental handpieces.

W&H Synea TA-96 (1 year warranty) $235.00
W&H Synea TA-97 (1 year warranty) $235.00
W&H Synea TA-98 (1 year warranty) $235.00
W&H Synea TK-94L, TK-97L, TK-98L, TK-100L (1 year warranty) $235.00
W&H Synea TG-97L, TG-98L, TG-98LW (1 year warranty) $235.00
W&H Synea TE-97LQ, TE-98LQ $235.00
W&H Allegra 1:1 WE-56, WE-57, HE-43 $275.00
W&H Allegra 4:1 WE-66T Latch $120 – $275.00
Air Motors AM20RM, AM20MW, AM20SD $140.00 – $160.00
Air Motor AM5MW, AM5SD – 5,000RPM $140.00- $160.00
W&H Endea Endodontic EB-77 4:1 latch $225.00
W&H Endea Endodontic EB-79 2:1 latch $225.00
W&H Implantmed Quotes available for unit & attachments

W&H Electric WK-56LT, WG-56LT, WG-57LT, WG-66LT, HG-43A $325.00
W&H Electric Motor EM-12L, EM-E6 – typical range 375 – $450
W&H Synea Electric WA99LT, WK93LT, WG99LT – typ range $385 – $485

W&H Electric WS75E/KM – typical range $325 – $385

ELECTRIC Motors & Attachments – Free Estimate

Arpino Dental Handpiece Repairs & Sales

Repaired to OEM Specifications

All electrics, high speeds and low speeds sent to Arpino Dental are repaired to OEM specifications with quality OEM parts at a discounted price.

  • We stand behind our working offering extensive no-questions-asked warranties.
  • Upon request, repair jobs can be completed in as little as 2 days.
Arpino Dental Handpiece Repair

Ask about our
6-Month Dental Handpiece Repair Warranty!

* Prices subject to change without notice. All work has 6-month warranty except if it has been subjected to apparent misuse, abuse or accident. Japanese Turbines warranty for 3 months. ‘Lube free’ turbines warranty for 1 year. Product names and brands are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Dental Handpiece Repair

Dental Handpiece Repair and Replacement

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We are not responsible for any and all unrepaired handpieces left in our facility over 60 days after given estimate.

"Quality work and pricing. Great turn around times and backed by warranty. Always a pleasure, thank you!"

– Dharni Jasthi