MK Dent HE15L


We are a Master Dealer for MK-dent Germany, selling high-speed, low-speed, Electric, couplers & attachments. We make handpiece repairs simple & easy from start to finish.

Discover the advantage of the HE12, a part of the Eco Line of turbines. This dental instrument is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. It can handle particularly high rounds per minute and is resistant to attacks by superheated steam or various cleaning fluids.

Key features of the HE12 include:

  • Aeroperformance Blade: This feature ensures efficient operation and high performance.
  • Refined Ceramic Bearings: These are designed for silent rotations and long-lasting use.
  • Glass Rod Fiber Optics: This feature provides excellent illumination for precise operations.
  • Next-Gen Steel Bur Guide: This guide ensures accurate and safe bur installation.
  • Proven Chrome Coated Body: The chrome coating provides durability and a sleek look.
  • Sterilizable and Thermodisinfectable: The HE12 can be sterilized and thermodisinfected at 135° C, ensuring it is safe and clean for each use.

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