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Kavo HighSpeeds:
Kavo 6000B, 630B, 635B, 640B, 642B, 647B, 649B $235.00
Kavo 4500B, 4500BR, 8000BR $235.00
Complete New Turbine (1 yr. warranty) $235.00
Kavo MASTERtorque M8900L, M8700L complete new turbine (1 year warranty) $235.00
Kavo EXPERTtorque Lux E679L, Mini Lux E675L complete new turbine (1 year warranty) $235.00
Kavo SMARTtorque S619L, S615L, S609L compete new turbine (1 year warranty) $235.00
Kavo 625C (friction grip) $160.00
Kavo 625CD (push button) $175.00

Kavo Low Speeds:
Kavo Slow Speed $150.00
Kavo INTRA flex air motor 2325LN, 2320LN, 2307LN, 2313LN complete overhaul $225 – $275
Including Kavo INTRA air motors 181H, 181K, 181L, 181M (quick disconnection)
Kavo Low Speed contra angles and straight attachments M20L, M07L, M29L, M10L
Kavo Low Speeds S10, S19, S20, S31, S32, S33, S53, S80K, S81

Kavo Electric 25LPA – typical range $285 – $385
Kavo Electric 25LHA – typical range $285 – $385
Kavo Electric 25LPR – typical range $285 – $385
Kavo Electric Comfort drive 200XDR – typical range $285 – $385
Kavo Electric EXPERTmatic E25, E20, E15 – typical range $285 – $385
Kavo Electric M25L & M05L – typical range $285 – $385
Kavo Electric Attachments E10C, E31C, E61C
ELECTRIC Motors & Attachments – Free Estimate – Must be evaluated to give accurate pricing

6 month warranty unless otherwise noted

* Prices subject to change without notice. All work has 6 month warranty except if it has been subjected to apparent misuse, abuse or accident. Japanese Turbines warranteed 3 months. Product names and brands are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Handpiece Repair Prices by brand:


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