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NSK Style Push Button $95.00
NSK Complete Replacement Cartridge Push Button $120.00
NSK TiMax X450L Replacement Cartridge / Turbine $145.00
NSK TiMax S Max Pico Replacement Cartridge / Turbine $145.00
NSK Pana Max Plus PAP-MU M4 Replacement Cartridge / Turbine $145.00
NSK Pana Max Replacement Cartridge / Turbine $145.00
NSK Ti Max X600L, X500L Replacement Cartridge / Turbine $195.00
NSK S Max M600L, M500L Replacement Cartridge / Turbine $195.00
NSK Ti Max Z9000L Replacement Cartridge / Turbine $195.00

NSK Ti Max Surgical Highspeed X450L, X450 5H $160.00
NSK iProphy Air $160.00
NSK Surgical 1:1 SGS-ES, SGA-ES, 1:2 SGS-E2S, SGA-E2S $175.00
NSK Implant 20:1 _ X-DSG20L, X-SG20L, SG20 $175.00
NSK Ti Max Contra Angle 1:1 X-SG65L, 1:3 X-SG93L $175.00
NSK SUrgic Pro +
NSK Low Speed Motors $95 – $125.00
NSK Low Speed Attachments $90.00

NSK Electric Ti Max Z95L – typical range $285 – $385
NSK Electric X95L – typical range $285 – $385
ELECTRIC Motors & Attachments – Free Estimate – Must be evaluated to give accurate pricing

6 month warranty unless otherwise noted

* Prices subject to change without notice. All work has 6 month warranty except if it has been subjected to apparent misuse, abuse or accident. Japanese Turbines warranteed 3 months. ‘Lube free’ turbines warranteed 1 year. Product names and brands are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Handpiece Repair Prices by brand:


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